Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lessons Learned from the Cats

10.  The best time to use the litterbox is immediately after it has been cleaned.
9.  There's something outside the window that is so fascinating one could spend hours perched on the windowsill looking at it.
8.  A lot can be communicated by a look and a single syllable. 
7.  It's really fun to crouch and hide and -- wait -- wait -- pounce! on an unsuspecting friend.
6.  Anything can be a toy - a shiny piece of gum wrapper is exceptionally fine.
5.  The more expensive cat litter is definitely worth the difference in price.
4.  You can get your way if you rub against someone's legs and then flop on the floor in front of him/her.
3.  Some people are better at covering their "stuff" than others.
2.  It's fun to play outside for a while, but then it's nice to come in and sleep on a fluffy pillow.
1.  Cats really want to be helpful while I'm typing on the computer, but they can't spell.

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