Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Hate to Do This, But I Have to

In the past three days, I've had 30 or more spam comments about selling "cheap" prescription drugs on this blog. In an effort to stop that, I'm turning on the word verification for comments--at least for a while, until the spam-bot finds someone else to prey on. Sorry about that folks, I know it's a pain.


lil red hen said...

I had to do the same; my spam comments were for shoes and handbags. lol

Ann Turnbull said...

But human brains will always be cleverer, so we can beat them.

Ephemera said...

That's too bad, but I'm ok with it. I wish there were a way to find out who those "people" are who do that and spam them back. But alas, I guess we just have to take a defensive stand against them.